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Need home appliances repair services in Dubai?

Buashwan Ac & Refrigerator Maintenance provides solutions in home appliances repair services in Dubai. We bring to life the malfunctioned appliances. We have expertise in troubleshooting appliances by all manufacturers. You can fully rely on our services for the durability and after-service life of your appliances.

Buashwan Ac & Refrigerator Maintenance is a leading home appliances maintenance company in Dubai. Our circle of operations is very wide. We provide repair services for all sorts of home appliances and equipment with the highest level of customer contentment.

Buashwan Ac & Refrigerator Maintenance is one of the leading house maintenance companies in Dubai. We can repair your dishwasher, oven, washing machines, AC, heating / chilling units and many other daily use appliances. Buashwan Ac & Refrigerator Maintenance has the experience of over 18years in the field of providing maintenance and repair services of home appliances at your doorsteps. Once you contact us, you may consider your issues to be resolved already. Our services and behavior will let you enjoy doing business with us.

We can handle any magnitude of work:

We have huge resources at our disposal for timely completion of the repair tasks. Our technicians observe time concerned practices at work. We provide services for a home as well as for a big office setup, restaurants, hotels etc. Usually a single or a few components get out of order in devices which cause malfunction. Only a good diagnose can hunt that component(s). After the issue is identified then the said component is repaired or replaced as per its condition and cost. Consequently, the device gets functional again.

The moving parts in machines like bearings, shafts, couplings etc like those in washing machines, oven, dryers etc often use electric motors. Due to excessive use or loaded use the motor winding burns which causes the system to halt. Buashwan Ac & Refrigerator Maintenance  has indigenous developed tools for speedy winding of various kinds of motors so that the customers don’t have to wait longer. This also helps us to complete the tasks quickly. Likewise, we have devised fast working standard operating procedures conforming to international standards to identify and eliminate the problem in the least possible time.

Skillful hands for home appliances repair:

A good repair of a device greatly depends on the dexterity of the worker. Buashwan Ac & Refrigerator Maintenance  puts special efforts in hiring skillful technicians to its team. We also arrange special training sessions of our technicians to cope up with new models in home appliances and latest technologies in household machines. With time we see great innovation in washing machines, they are equipped with self-driven water controls, and spindle motor, dryer models etc. in the same way there are many other devices in which new models show up with latest control devices. In order to catch faults in them, it is very necessary that our technicians are well versed with those latest technologies.

Please have a look at services tab of the website to gain the idea about our services. We will be delighted to serve you to the best of our skills, expertise, and dexterity.

CoolDXB exists to provide high-quality products and services to the highest standards of our industry. Timeliness and consistency are our mottoes, always keeping the best interests of our customers in mind.

Reliable, specialized service crews, using the latest tools and equipment will work around your schedule and provide you with high-quality appliances maintenance service and repairs in Dubai.

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