Washing Machine Repair

High-Quality Washing Machine Repair Dubai

A washing machine is a costly home appliance, which is why investing in its service and maintenance can save you a lot of money in the longer run. 

Moreover, the dryer and washing machine failures can probably interrupt your daily work schedule, especially whenever you have a lot of clothes to clean. In this case, 

the most reliable resolution to all the issues of your washing machine is to simply book a maintenance service for your washing machine appliance in Dubai with Buashwan AC & Refrigerator Maintenance. 

All you require to do is just a simple call get a quote for the repairing service and book a maintenance service and a professional technician will be immediately consigned to reach your doorstep for the repairing service on the agreed time and day. 

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Washing Machine Repair Services


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· Quick Turnaround Time

· Home Service and Fast Delivery

· Full Range of Appliances Repair Works

· Most Cost-Effective Pricing Possible

· Reliable Service with No Hidden Costs

· Certified Technical Experts

· Advanced repairing & fixing equipment’s

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Washing Machine Repair Service

AC & Refrigerator Automatic Washing Machines Dryers Repair Service

Washing Machine Repair Service

AC & Refrigerator Automatic Washing Machines Dryers Repair Service

Brands We Repair, Washing Machines

· Siemens Washing Machine Repairing.

· Teka Washing Machine Repairing.

· Zanussi Washing Machine Repairing.

· Panasonic Washing Machine Repairing.

washing machine repair

· Ariston Washing Machine Repairing

· Whirlpool Washing Machine Repairing.

· Bosch Washing Machine Repairing

· Daewoo Washing Machine Repairing.

· Indesit Washing Machine Repairing

Brands We Repair, Washing Machines

· IFB Washing Machine Repairing

· HaierWashing Machine Repairing

· Matag Washing Machine Repairing.

· Baumatic Washing Machine Repairing.

· LG Washing Machine Repairing.

· Samsung Washing Machine Repairing

· Miele Washing Machine Repairing.

· Onida Washing Machine Repairing.

· Videocon Washing Machine Repairing.

· And many more.

Top Washing Machine Repair Professionals in UAE

 Home appliances are an investment. They are expensive machines and require maintenance for effective working. Just like any other equipment, a washing machine repair and maintenance is necessary. Proper servicing of the washing machine results in saving up of money in the long run. Registered and certified professionals at Buashwan ensure that you receive the most adequate and cost-effective solution for your washing machine repair in Dubai. Our professionals cover all major brands such as LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, AEG, Daewoo, Indesit, Siemens, Bosch and many more.

There are numerous washing machine brands are available on the washing machine market. Each and every washing machine brands come up with different features and specifications. 

Also, the price of the washing machine might vary depending on the brand of the washing machine. Moreover, every washing machines brands are unique in their own ways such as specifications, features, rotating speed, design of the washing machine model and many more. 

Therefore, you would require to pick a Washing Machine Repair Service, fix the washing machine, Washer and Dryer Repair, washing machine maintenance service provider who can deal with each and every washing machine brand and fix multiple issues with accurate repairing knowledge.

What Faults Require Washing Machine Repair?

· Washing machine won’t start.

· Broken or damaged parts.

washing machine repair 2 1400

· Washing machine not spinning.

· Plugs or wires not working.

· Not draining

· No water entering in wash tub

· Water gets filled in wash tub slowly

· Washing machine stopped abruptly

· Machine is leaking

· Very noisy

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