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We Al Naveed Buashwan know how to repair an air conditioner. We do offer the best air conditioner service and repair since 2001. You can trust us. We repair all latest and old air conditioners. Some brand including:

  • Aftron Air Conditioner Repair
  • Aftron AC Repair
  • Akai Air Conditioner Repair
  • Akai AC Repair
  • Aux AC Repair
  • Elekta AC Repair
  • Elekta Air Conditioner Repair
  • Eurostar AC Repair
  • Eurostar Air Conditioner Repair
  • Frigidaire AC Repair
  • Frigidaire Air Conditioner Repair
  • Hisense AC Repair
  • Hisense Air Conditioner Repair
  • Hitachi AC Repair
  • Hitachi Air Conditioner Repair
  • Indesit AC Repair
  • Indesit Air Conditioner Repair
  • LG AC Repair
  • LG Air Conditioner Repair
  • Little Swan AC Repair
  • Little Swan Air Conditioner Repair
  • Nikai AC Repair
  • Nikai Air Conditioner Repair
  • Nobel AC Repair
  • Nobel Air Conditioner Repair
  • Panasonic AC Repair
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner Repair
  • Samsung AC Repair
  • Samsung Air Conditioner Repair
  • Skm AC Repair
  • Skm Air Conditioner Repair
  • Super General AC Repair
  • Super General Air Conditioner Repair
  • Tcl AC Repair
  • Tcl Air Conditioner Repair
  • Westpoint AC
  • Westpoint Air Conditioner Repair
  • Wolf Power AC Repair
  • Wolf Power Air Conditioner Repair
  • Daikin AC Repair
  • Daikin Air Conditioner Repair
  • Haier AC Repair
  • Haier Air Conditioner Repair
  • General AC Repair
  • General Air Conditioner Repair

Avoid fixing things yourself

Though we’ll be generally over-enthusiastic to undertake our hand in handling any repair services of home appliances

In all, maintenance of house appliances is an associate degree on-going method, therefore take a cue from the following pointers, stop disasters, and keep your home appliances maintained in condition.

If you’re searching for any home appliances repair and services, contact Al Naveed – Buashwan , the quick, fast service, professional, and best customer satisfaction at a reasonable cost.

Al Naveed – Buashwan understands the importance of a healthy, clean geographic point and residential and that we create your life easier!

We tend to square measure knowledgeable and skilled technicians that give a full vary of improvement, repair & maintenance solutions for your home and workplace. we’ve got a name for quality service, trustworthy workers, and promise to deliver the grade of service on the far side expectations…

Looking out for improvement, repair & fixer services for your home or office? we tend to square measure here for you! Al Naveed – Buashwan primarily based in Dubai could be a skilled agency specialized in improvement, repair & fixer services for residential and industrial areas. We tend to serve an enormous consumer base for industrial and residential buildings, Industrial units, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, etc in Dubai.

Al Naveed – Buashwan brings to you top quality services in order that you’ll concentrate on your core business worry-free and grow profits.

Our skilled services square measure be spoken to fit your desires and quality assured with skill secure. Our team of pros squares measures people that square measure extremely motivated, professionally trained & dedicated people targeted in guaranteeing your needs square measure met when we tend to work for you. All our staff square measure totally screened, professionally trained, background checked, and provide client adjusted made-to-order services.

Our well trained technical persons square measure adept in handling the most recent instrumentation and technologies and that we implement worker coaching procedures ordered down by the shoppers to make sure the highest standards of labor place follow. Al Naveed is a light-emitting diode forward by proficient, well-trained personnel who perceive client satisfaction, aggressiveness, company strategy, and property goals. With a forward-thinking success strategy, money strength, and a commitment to each people and community we are going to still be the popular service supplier of alternative in Dubai.

Customer Satisfaction

Best customer satisfaction at a reasonable price. We do repair our customer home appliances at a reasonable price. You can trust us we have a lot of experience, we value our customers and listen to it. We try our best to do same day service to our customers. Our technicians do a respond to the customers as soon as possible. Our company has more than 19+ years of experience. You can call us on 055-259-1400, Or visit our shop right now Shop.

Contact Info

Company name: Buashwan

Phone Number: 055-259-1400

Telephone Number: 042631292

Email address:

Google Map: Buashwan

Address: Buashwan A/C & Refrigerator Maintenance – 278 Damascus Street – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


AC Maintenance In Dubai

 Professional Team for AC Maintenance Dubai – Fast & Reliable Service Unless you are coming from an icy place like Alaska, you will not enjoy consistent hot and humid weather. If you live in Dubai, then you must be aware of your Air-Condition. We are best at doing maintenance of Air-condition in all around UAE.

Al Naveed – Buashwan


AC Repair Service Dubai

 We Are Providing AC Repair Dubai, UAE Are you tired of your ac repair in Dubai? Are you looking for Certified Professionals to carry out your ac repair with improved facilities and in an expert way?. Hot and humid conditions are not easy to settle the person. We are best at doing service of Air-condition in all around UAE.

Al Naveed – Buashwan


Air Conditioning installation service

 Air Conditioning installation service Living in hot and humid weather conditions without an air conditioner is a challenging proposition, and Dubai and Sharjah are no different. With the temperatures moving above the 45-degree mark, Air conditioning installation service in Dubai. We are best at doing the installation of Air-condition in all around UAE.

Al Naveed – Buashwan

BUASHWAN AC Service keeps your AC in the best running condition and provides you cool life in Jumeirah village circle and all over in Dubai. We providing professional AC repairing services which include AC repair, AC service Dubai, AC maintenance, AC installation, and many many more. So feel free to call us and enjoy our services and live your life in AC repair Jumeirah village circle (JVC).

Al Naveed – Buashwan

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Why us?
We offer you a same-day solution-When you wish Al Naveed – Buashwan, we’ll have an answer at intervals twenty-four hours.
We make love right the primary time! With our coaching and processes, we tend to make sure that the work is completed to full satisfaction the primary time itself, reducing prices and increasing potency.
We maintain consistent observation and support resulting in higher services
Most of all we tend to offer you the last word peace of mind with our services!

To provide services to totally meet client needs and to unceasingly try to boost effectiveness.
To guarantee client satisfaction through consistent quality, the best service levels, and price.
To implement and encourage the employment of property materials, processes, and solutions on each side of our business.

To become a frontrunner within the business through a spotlight on rising the consistency and quality of our service offerings, investing in quality, service, price, and property.
To become a first-choice supplier of maintenance, repair, and improvement solutions for home and business.

We Repair All Major Home Appliances. All Brands & Models. we have a tendency to area unit the last decision you may got to make your appliance repair desires. Our repair technicians area unit extremely trained, knowledgeable, and courteous.

Our Professionals
Our tough professionals carry a large variety of quality appliance elements in their vehicles, therefore your appliance repair area unit done as quickly as potential. we have a tendency to solely install new, the manufacturer suggested appliance half. If we will fix it while not the requirement for brand spanking new elements, we will. Our profits come back from repeat business and recommendations…period. we have a tendency to guarantee that our technician’s area unit clean and arrive at intervals the appointment timeframe. We have a tendency to conjointly supply free estimates with the repair. We are going to not perform any repairs while not your previous approval. No hidden charges!

We check that that each job is certain to last.
All Major Brands Appliances Repair and Appliance Service
Your satisfaction is our highest priority
Know the worth before we have a tendency to begin
All appliance service and repair is completed on your premises, reducing repair time and disruption

Novel Corona Virus Protection

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We Al Naveed do follow government instructions to prevent COVID-19. We try our best to repair and service our customer appliances with COVID 19 safety measures.

Protect yourself and others from COVID-19

You can deflate your prospects of being infected or spreading COVID-19 by taking some simple precautions:

Regularly associated whole clean your hands with associate alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. Why?

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laundry your hands with soap and water or practice alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses that will get on your hands. Maintain a minimum of one meter (3 feet) distance between yourself and others. Why?

once somebody coughs, sneezes, or speaks they spray very little liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which could contain virus.

If you’re too shut, you may respire the droplets, additional as a result of the COVID-19 virus if the person has the health problem.

wherever individuals move on crowds, you’re a lot of altogether chance to come back into shut contact with somebody that has COVID-19 and it’s more durable to need the care of physical distance of one meter (3 feet).

Governments ought to encourage the overall public to wear a material mask if there’s widespread community transmission, and considerably wherever physical distancing cannot be maintained. Why?

Masks are a key tool throughout a comprehensive approach to the fight against Novel Corona Virus.

Once contaminated, hands will transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth.

From there, the virus will enter your body and infect you.

Make sure you, and therefore the fogeys around you, follow sensible metastasis hygiene.

this means covering your mouth and nose at the aspect of your bent elbow or tissue once you cough or sneeze.

Then eliminate the used tissue directly and wash your hands. Why?

By following sensible metastasis hygiene, you defend the fogeys around you from viruses like cold, respiratory disease, and COVID-19.

Stay home and self-isolate even with minor symptoms like cough, headache, mild fever, or any symptomof coronavirus till you recover.

If you’d wish to travel away your house, wear a mask to avoid infecting others. Why?

Avoiding contact with differents can defend them from potential COVID-19 and alternative viruses.

If you’ve got a fever, cough and disadvantage metabolism, explore for medical attention, however decision by phonephone beforehand if potential and follow the directions of your native health authority. Why?

National and native authorities can have the foremost up up to presently information on things in your space.

career beforehand can enable your health care supplier to quickly direct you to the correct hospital.

this might else defend you and facilitate stop unfold of viruses and numerous infections.

Keep up up to presently on the foremost recent information from trustworthy sources, like international organisation agency or your native and national health authorities. Why?

native and national authorities ar best placed to advise on what individuals in your space ought to be doing to guard themselves.

To protect yourself et al against COVID-19, clean your hands usually and whole.

Use alcohol-based hand sanitiser or wash your hands with soap and water.

If you utilize associate alcohol-based hand sanitizer, certify you utilize and store it strictly.

Teach them the best thanks to use the sanitizer and monitor its use.

there is no associatey|there isn’t Associate in Nursingy} ought to use an outsize quantity of the merchandise.

Avoid touching your eyes, mouth associated nose directly once practice associate alcohol-based hand sanitizer, as a results of it will cause irritation.

Hand sanitizers urged to guard against COVID-19 are alcohol-based so is additionally ignitible.

Excellent Home Appliances Repair & Services

Dubai’s Best specialists For All refrigerator Repair Services, Contact Al Naveed – Buashwan, we have a tendency to Provides A High Level Of Repair Services And Care To Your Home Appliances, washer Repair, Ac Repair, microwave Repair, drier Repair, icebox Repair, Freezer Repair, Refrigerator Repair, Washer Repair, drier Repair, Washer And drier Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Dish Wash Machine Repair, gas range & Electrical cookware Repair, cookery vary & Electrical Stove Repair, Gas & electrical cookery high Repair, Hob Repair Hood Repair, microwave Repair.

Home appliance Repair, Induction Stove, Induction cookware & Hot Plate cookware Repair icebox Service deep freezer Service, refrigerator Service, washer Service, drier Service, Washer And drier Service, Dishwasher Service, Dish Wash Machine Service, gas range & Electrical cookware Service, cookery vary & Electrical Stove Service, Gas & electrical cookery high Service, Hob Service, Hood Service, microwave Service, home appliance Service, Induction Stove, Induction cookware & Hot Plate cookware Service, Ac Repair Service Dubai quick devour.

We know that household appliance is incredibly vital for each individual in today’s busy life. Home appliances add convenience in our life they ease your task done quickly and provides a pleasurable and drum sander expertise. we have a tendency to can’t imagine while not these appliances. Call us at 055-259-1400 for professional, fast, and excellent service.

The foremost common appliances in homes embrace Dishwasher, washer, electric refrigerator Deepfreeze, Air Conditioner, Tumble drier, Gas stoves or kitchen appliances, Microwaves, and plenty of additional. As we all know that after we can frequently use any home appliances then produce many issues or total breakdown, then you’ll explore for the correct person for repairing home appliances. Best Home Appliances Repair call us at 055-259-1400 for professional, fast, and excellent service.

Al Naveed – Buashwan appliance repair is the most reliable and old company of household appliance repair in Dubai and Sharjah you’ll be able to absolutely trust within the Fixmt appliance repair company in Dubai. We have more then 19+ years of experience. Best Home Appliances Repair call us at 055-259-1400 for professional, fast, and excellent service.

We have a tendency to repair all brands and models of domestic appliances at a really competitive value as compare to our native competitors Call us at 055-259-1400 for professional, fast, and excellent service.

Our professional’s groups area unit absolutely trained, well educated, and smart information in any appliance-related downside. It doesn’t matter wherever area unit you get it, that brands does one have? If you’re facing any downside then don’t hesitate to hunt facilitate. Our knowledgeable team can reach your step and fix any problems as quickly as potential. we have a tendency to additionally offer fast appliance repair service. we have a tendency to continually attempt to solve your downside inside a restricted period. Contact once you would like it!. Call us at 055-259-1400 for professional, fast, and excellent service.

Your Name Your Email Phone Your Message Buashwan Appliance Repair may be a premier natural philosophy repair, maintenance and installation, and different kind household appliance services supplier in Dubai and Sharjah. Best Home Appliances Repair call us at 055-259-1400 for professional, fast, and excellent service.

Best Home Appliances Repair in Dubai-UAE at a reasonable price contact us at 055-259-1400 for fast and professional service. Best Customer Satisfaction.

Service in Dubai | Best Home Appliances Repair

We do offer services all over Dubai.

  • Deira
  • Al-Qusais
  • Al Fahidi
  • Al-Nahda
  • Al-Twar
  • Bur Dubai
  • Dubai Creek
  • Old Town / Dubai Downtown
  • Sheikh Zayed Road / Trade Center
  • Jumeirah / Umm Suqueim
  • Dubai Marina
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Al Barsha
  • The Palm Jumeirah
  • Mirdiff
  • Muhaisnah

Best customer satisfaction

We Are Always Available To Support You In The Maintenance Services.   Fridge, AC, Dishwasher, Ice Maker, Gas Cooker, Dryers, Oven, Full Automatic Washing Repair, Split AC Service, Central AC Service,  and Refrigerator Repair service. Washing Machine Repair in Dubai. Home Appliance Repair and Service.

Reasonable Price

We do offer the best repair and service to appliances.

We do offer a reasonable price for repair and service depends on brand and appliance.


Safety Measure

We do repair our customer appliances with full safety measures. We do follow government instructions to prevent coronavirus.


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